good works grinding

General Processing

Grinding:  Whether you have large lumps and purge, films or parts we can precision grind your materials to your specifications.

Problem materials that produce fines (dust) during this processing are delivered clean and free from those annoying and problematic fine particles.

Your materials are carefully examined for contaminants and incompatible materials. If found they are removed, providing clean and production ready regrind for all of your processing needs.

Pulverizing: Fine powders produce clean and blemish free plastic components and products. We service extruders, color houses and molding operations that require fine powders to produce end products that you can be proud of.

A wide range of mesh sizes are available to meet your processing requirements such as extrusion, blow molding, color concentrate production, etc.

Has your supplier stopped supplying your resins in powder form?

We can deliver the powder you need, contact us (or have your supplier contact us) and we'll provide a competitive price and apply our exceptional service to meet your delivery requirements.

Blending: We can custom blend materials and/or additives to produce an end product engineered to your end use. Our blending services also can reclaim materials that, if used on their own, may not meet your requirements. When blended with other materials to achieve the right melt, color consistency or other properties our custom blending  process delivers just the right mix.

Metals and Contaminant Removal: Contaminants such as metals make material impossible to use in a production environment. We can remove trace metals to reclaim materials that otherwise would go to a landfill.

Your closed-loop/reclamation project need not hit a dead end when faced with parts/products that contain metal. Contaminants such as paper labels, dust and/or soil can also be removed by our processes. We don't see trash when you have problems like this, we see opportunity.

Certified Product Destruction: Our destruction services are designed to destroy those products that need to be permanently removed from the market.  GWR has the capability to destroy virtually any type of product to ensure that it is not recovered by any individual in it's original form.  If necessary, we will allow the client to witness the destruction process and provide a certificate of destruction and/or video.  Our comprehensive material reporting process reconciles the pre and post destruction weights - disposal of the waste may also be provided.  

Our services can be applied for any developmental work you may have for closed-loop solutions or new virgin product. We can process to your specifications and deliver product ready for market. We can even provide a distribution point at our facility, shipping direct to your customers, giving you a competitive edge.